After a long hiatus, today I searched my blog URL and decided to write something. The first thing I did was to change the title of the blog from “Nothing Much” to ” The Reflection of My Daily Experiences “. I want this year to be more fulfilling. Nothing can be more fulfilling than to be mindful, moment by moment in life. Being mindful has tremendous power to transform mundane activities into an extraordinary activities. With the start of new year, I would be doing some self improvement experiments. My experiments are inspired by 7 Years and 21 Self-Improvement Experiments. Please follow the link for more about these self improvement experiments.

The three experiment which I have personally chosen to do are

  1. Daily meditation for 21 days for 30 min
  2. No caffeine for 21 days
  3. Writing at least 500 words everyday.

I would share my experiences after a week of these activities. Moreover, I am also going to be active on my blog and will try to put my thoughts and daily experiences. I hope these activities will benefit me at the personal level.


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