My Personal Space

To cut the day to day monotony of life, I have tried various activities. Taking photos and putting on Instagram have become a habit for me. Similarly, I also draw comic strips using I have a dedicated page on Facebook titled “Nerdy Laughter” where I post these comic strips. Here is one of the strip that I have created.


All of these activities have helped me to discover something new about myself. Additionally, they relieve me from the boredom of doing same thing again and again.

This year I have decided to write very often on this blog. I won’t be much concerned about the quality of the post. And I also don’t expect any readers to read the bullshit of my life.  This blog is my personal space and what I want is to be free from the usual expectations of quality and utility of the post.

Today I had dinner in NUH canteen. I had chicken-briyani and deep fried cauli flower. I don’t know whether it was my hunger or food was really so delicious but whatever it was; I really enjoyed the food today. Afterwards, I had milo.

It is 3:40 AM in the morning and I really need to get sleep.

Milo in NUH canteen

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